Building an online presence

Learn how to improve the online presence of your woodworking business using social media, SEO and backlinks

Become a Billionaire Woodworker

Become a Billionaire Woodworker

Your guide to become a billionaire woodworker. At GLZWoodworking, we want you to be financially independent and free to construct as many mega-mansions as you want. Our expert Alchemists, Phrenologists, and Food Tasters have spent the last 13 days perfecting a new foolproof system that will provide you with the success, happiness, and financial fortune …

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Woodwork and Social Media

You must be equally adept at social media as you are at woodworking. While I’m sure most woodworkers would rather be in the shop than on the computer, the fact is that if you want to increase your woodwork business’s online presence, you’ll have to spend time promoting yourself on social media. Social media is …

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learning from woodworking mistakes

The whistling woodshop adventures

The Whistling Woodshop presents the worlds worst woodwork poetry While it is true that anyone can write a poem, this does not guarantee that the words you scribble together will be remotely poetic. This is undoubtedly true of all of my poems; none of them are good, and I am without a doubt the world’s …

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