dealing with failed projects

Dealing with failed woodworking projects is an inevitable part of doing business; we simply need to learn from our mistakes and failures.

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Woodwork and Social Media

You must be equally adept at social media as you are at woodworking. While I’m sure most woodworkers would rather be in the shop than on the computer, the fact is that if you want to increase your woodwork business’s online presence, you’ll have to spend time promoting yourself on social media. Social media is …

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learning from woodworking mistakes

Learning from our woodworking mistakes

We learn and improve from our Woodworking Mistakes. Many of us believe that our passion for woodworking is unbreakable, but isn’t that just because we’ve never really put it to the test?   However, there are many hardworking people who can attest to the fact that their love for woodworking was severely tested and fractured after …

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