The different types of wood skills

The practise of making things out of wood, including carpentry, cabinetmaking, and related crafts, is defined as woodworking.

Learn woodworking from YouTube

Learn Woodwork from YouTube

learn everything you need from Woodworking YouTube Channels. Nowadays, you can learn just about anything via YouTube.   A good woodworking YouTube channel can teach you a lot, provide hours of entertainment, and inspire you if you want to learn how to build things. For the Video creators, both short and long form videos are a …

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Woodwork lathes & tools

Woodturning with a woodwork lathe and specialised tools Woodworking Lathes Explained The woodwork lathe is used for wood turning and generally speaking, the goal of turning is to make round objects, such as spindles or discs, by turning between centres or on a faceplate. Woodturning differs from other woodworking techniques in that the wood spins/turns …

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The worldwide lumber shortage continues

The worldwide lumber shortage continues to affect the building industry. Wood is the only building material that helps to combat climate change. It is critical to remove carbon from the atmosphere while also reducing any new carbon emissions and wood providing Trees achieve both of these goals. Trees naturally absorb CO2, thereby promoting clean and …

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What is a Cabinet Maker?

What type of Woodworker is Cabinet Maker? Cabinet makers are typically highly skilled woodworkers who specialise in designing and building built-in or bespoke cabinets.  They can also create beautiful wood furniture to complement the cabinetry in homes and businesses, using a variety of wood and other materials. A cabinet maker can repair or build items …

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