Woodshop Health and Safety

Rules for Woodshop Health and Safety to keep everyone safe

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Protecting concrete floors

Protecting and preserving your workshop’s concrete floor Concrete floors are commonly damaged by wear and tear, heavy objects being dropped on them, things being dragged across their surface causing scuffing and scratching, hot tyres turning on them, oils, petrol, and other nasties being spilt on them, and moisture damage. It’s incredible how much abuse a …

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Learn woodworking from YouTube

Learn Woodwork from YouTube

learn everything you need from Woodworking YouTube Channels. Nowadays, you can learn just about anything via YouTube.   A good woodworking YouTube channel can teach you a lot, provide hours of entertainment, and inspire you if you want to learn how to build things. For the Video creators, both short and long form videos are a …

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Some workshop safety rules

Workshop health and safety rules to ensure a safe workplace General Safety Rules 1.     Don’t come to work if you are sick, you’ll just make everyone else sick. 2.    Workers with any health issues that need monitoring or special consideration must notify the Manager before commencing work. 3.    Wear the appropriate PPE for the tools …

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Backyard improvement projects

Are you searching for ideas on how to improve your backyard? When we think about backyard activities, sports are usually the first thing that comes to mind.   While sports are a great way to spend time outside, they aren’t the only thing to do.   Indeed, while you may not realize it, backyard activities include home …

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