Woodworking is a traditional craft

Woodworking is an ancient craft that has been practised for thousands of years.

woodwork apron

Specialty Vices, Clamps & Aprons

Specialty Woodworking Vices, Clamps and Aprons What is a Woodworkers Vice? Woodworking vices have been designed to cater for the various needs of woodworkers. Several types have emerged over the last 20 years to satisfy the differing needs of those who specialize in certain types of woodworking. Typical categories for a woodworking vice are front, …

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Renovating your bathroom

Renovating your bathroom

Make your home beautiful by renovating your bathroom Do you want your home to be more interesting, appealing, or one-of-a-kind? While many homeowners are happy with their current residence, others desire something more. If you’re feeling like this, it’s probably time for you to initiate a change. Contrary to popular belief, that change does not …

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Learn how to make a guitar – Part 1

The process of making a guitar from scratch – Part One. Step No1 in making a guitar is to create a blank for the body and the most popular varieties of wood used to make a blank for the body of a guitar are Mahogany, Ash, Maple, Basswood, Alder, Poplar, Walnut, and Spruce.   Making a …

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french polish 1

French Polishing wood finishing technique.

The amazing wood finishing technique of French Polishing If you’ve ever admired the incredibly beautiful finish on an ancient piece of wooden furniture or a wooden instrument like a guitar or violin, you’re probably looking at wood that has been French Polished. French polishing is a wood finishing process that produces a high-gloss, deep-coloured surface …

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