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Develop your abilities so that you can fully enjoy your wood-based adventures.

Woodworking takeover of planet earth

Woodworking Takeover Of The World

Woodworkers take over the world Why was woodworking so popular before the global takeover, you may wonder? Apparently, hundreds of people were learning woodworking every day for the 15 years leading up to worldwide woodworking invasion that took place 336 days ago.   Maybe it’s because people finally learned how strangely wonderful it is to shape …

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Become a Billionaire Woodworker

Become a Billionaire Woodworker

Your guide to become a billionaire woodworker. At GLZWoodworking, we want you to be financially independent and free to construct as many mega-mansions as you want. Our expert Alchemists, Phrenologists, and Food Tasters have spent the last 13 days perfecting a new foolproof system that will provide you with the success, happiness, and financial fortune …

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rebuild car in garage

Protecting concrete floors

Protecting and preserving your workshop’s concrete floor Concrete floors are commonly damaged by wear and tear, heavy objects being dropped on them, things being dragged across their surface causing scuffing and scratching, hot tyres turning on them, oils, petrol, and other nasties being spilt on them, and moisture damage. It’s incredible how much abuse a …

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Learn woodworking from YouTube

Learn Woodwork from YouTube

learn everything you need from Woodworking YouTube Channels. Nowadays, you can learn just about anything via YouTube.   A good woodworking YouTube channel can teach you a lot, provide hours of entertainment, and inspire you if you want to learn how to build things. For the Video creators, both short and long form videos are a …

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Woodwork lathes & tools

Woodturning with a woodwork lathe and specialised tools Woodworking Lathes Explained The woodwork lathe is used for wood turning and generally speaking, the goal of turning is to make round objects, such as spindles or discs, by turning between centres or on a faceplate. Woodturning differs from other woodworking techniques in that the wood spins/turns …

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circular saws

Circular Saws and Routers

Quality Woodworking with Circular Saws and Routers What are Woodworking Circular Saws? The term “circular saw” is most frequently used in the context of woodworking to describe a hand-held, electric or battery powered circular saw made specifically for cutting wood.   However, with a little effort, you can change the blade types to cut other materials. …

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woodwork apron

Specialty Vices, Clamps & Aprons

Specialty Woodworking Vices, Clamps and Aprons What is a Woodworkers Vice? Woodworking vices have been designed to cater for the various needs of woodworkers. Several types have emerged over the last 20 years to satisfy the differing needs of those who specialize in certain types of woodworking. Typical categories for a woodworking vice are front, …

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Renovating your bathroom

Renovating your bathroom

Make your home beautiful by renovating your bathroom Do you want your home to be more interesting, appealing, or one-of-a-kind? While many homeowners are happy with their current residence, others desire something more. If you’re feeling like this, it’s probably time for you to initiate a change. Contrary to popular belief, that change does not …

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Learn how to make a guitar – Part 1

The process of making a guitar from scratch – Part One. Step No1 in making a guitar is to create a blank for the body and the most popular varieties of wood used to make a blank for the body of a guitar are Mahogany, Ash, Maple, Basswood, Alder, Poplar, Walnut, and Spruce.   Making a …

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woodwork safety

Some workshop safety rules

Workshop health and safety rules to ensure a safe workplace General Safety Rules 1.     Don’t come to work if you are sick, you’ll just make everyone else sick. 2.    Workers with any health issues that need monitoring or special consideration must notify the Manager before commencing work. 3.    Wear the appropriate PPE for the tools …

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gazebo in the backyard

Backyard improvement projects

Are you searching for ideas on how to improve your backyard? When we think about backyard activities, sports are usually the first thing that comes to mind.   While sports are a great way to spend time outside, they aren’t the only thing to do.   Indeed, while you may not realize it, backyard activities include home …

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rocking horse - wooden toy

Is woodworking a good hobby?

Is Woodworking the hobby you’ve been looking for? A hobby is an activity or interest that is pursued for pleasure outside of one’s regular work and helps your forget about the daily grind.   Examples of hobbies include woodworking, stamp collecting, , model railroading, scrap booking, golf, reading, painting, tap dancing, gardening, arts & crafts, vehicle …

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Woodwork and Social Media

You must be equally adept at social media as you are at woodworking. While I’m sure most woodworkers would rather be in the shop than on the computer, the fact is that if you want to increase your woodwork business’s online presence, you’ll have to spend time promoting yourself on social media. Social media is …

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learning from woodworking mistakes

Learning from our woodworking mistakes

We learn and improve from our Woodworking Mistakes. Many of us believe that our passion for woodworking is unbreakable, but isn’t that just because we’ve never really put it to the test?   However, there are many hardworking people who can attest to the fact that their love for woodworking was severely tested and fractured after …

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