Learn Woodwork from YouTube

learn everything you need from Woodworking YouTube Channels.

Learn woodworking from YouTube

Nowadays, you can learn just about anything via YouTube.   A good woodworking YouTube channel can teach you a lot, provide hours of entertainment, and inspire you if you want to learn how to build things.

For the Video creators, both short and long form videos are a great way to build your presence online and earn money whilst teaching people their craft.

We’re very lucky in this day and age that a lot of old VHS and Beta Max videos have been converted to digital and now appear on YouTube.   

Introducing one of the best woodworkers to ever live.

Perhaps the best instance of this is how you can search YouTube for ‘Sam Maloof’.   

Sam who passed away in 2009 was America’s best-known maker of beautiful wood furniture, and he was quite possibly the best woodworker who ever lived. 

He taught himself everything he needed to know, and his work is so highly regarded in this day and age that you will need very deep pockets to purchase a piece of furniture bearing his name.   Sam’s work is in high demand, and you could pay as much as $100,000 for a chair he made.   No other woodworker or furniture maker is as well-known or respected. He received numerous design and craftsmanship awards.

Have you heard of the Wood Whisperer?

Marc Spagnuolo’s YouTube channel is called “The Wood Whisperer,” and he creates excellent videos that are valuable resources for people at all stages of their woodworking learning pathway. He has an uncanny ability to convey complex information in a simple manner. Mark’s breadth of knowledge is astounding, making his channel both inviting and educational. He frequently emphasises the significance of things that would not naturally occur to a beginner’s mind when starting out, and these are the things that can cost people the most time and money.

Woodworking for mere mortals is run by Steve Ramsey

Steve Ramsey has a channel called, ‘Woodworking for mere mortals’ and he knows woodworking and he knows how to make it fun.   Steve seems to really enjoy what he does and makes a lot of cool stuff in his garage and you can always tell he’s having a great time showing everybody what he loves to do.   Whether it’s games, toys or very unique items, his channel is great entertainment and there’s always a new video every week.

What are some other great YouTube Woodworking Channels?

Fine Woodworking is a YouTube channel for those looking to increase their level of skills.   They offer classes on the more intricate woodworking techniques and you can learn a lot from your time viewing this channel.

Jesse de Geest runs a YouTube channel called ‘Samurai Carpenter’ and he has a fascinating way of educating people in a fun way, and it’s a very entertaining.   Many of his tasks are centred on building wood cabins and he covers just about everything you can think of, well worth a watch.

The ‘Backyard Woodworking’ channel is great for DIY’ers and they show us how to do some intense woodworking projects.   You’ll learn how to do things you would have normally steered away from as you would have thought these projects were just too hard to try.   They make what would be hard for some, all of a sudden very easy to comprehend.   Very much a channel for beginner, right through to experienced woodworkers.

The ‘Garage Woodworks’ channel provides many practical solutions to common woodworking and furniture making problems, as well as great projects for us to build at home. It’s a fantastic channel for those who enjoy using their woodworking skills to make their home more appealing.

April Wilkerson’s YouTube channel exemplifies what is possible if you put your mind to it. Because she decided to make the things she wanted that were out of her financial reach. April, like most people, began by becoming interested in woodworking, but she quickly picked it up and became very good at it. April, a self-described do-it-yourself’er, takes on a variety of projects on her YouTube channel and is not afraid to try anything.

David Piccuito’s YouTube channel called ‘Make Something’ is for woodworkers who are eager to make some money via their woodworking skills.   He encourages woodworkers to sell their finished products using his designs as long as he receives credit for the design. His ‘Make Something’ also has tutorials for people of all skill levels, from novice to expert. David provides viewers with a lot of woodworking tips, so it’s well work watching for the education as well.

Paul Sellers has a fantastic YouTube Channel and is one of the best known woodworkers in the world. He has produced hundreds of high-quality woodworking and furniture-making instructional videos. His skills and techniques are incredible, and he has helped many woodworkers from all parts of this planet over many years.

Look up Paul on YouTube; he teaches woodworking online, in classes, and in books, and you will benefit from his knowledge.   Paul shares his woodworking experiences on his YouTube channel, and you can tell he just wants to help people achieve their goals.

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