What is a Cabinet Maker?

What type of Woodworker is Cabinet Maker?

cabinet makers

Cabinet makers are typically highly skilled woodworkers who specialise in designing and building built-in or bespoke cabinets.  They can also create beautiful wood furniture to complement the cabinetry in homes and businesses, using a variety of wood and other materials.

A cabinet maker can repair or build items out of flat panel or most solid wood materials. They can provide a diverse range of products to customers based on specific specifications, design elements, or applications.

If you want unique handmade furniture for your den or living room, as well as custom cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, contact a cabinet maker. Fine wood furniture, unlike prefabricated products, is designed to last generations. A cabinetmaker will build to a customer’s specifications and then send the customer original drawings of the finished product. Bedroom suites, kitchen cabinetry, home and office furniture, dining tables and chairs, office and entertainment-based wood furniture are among the cabinetmaker’s specialities.

A cabinet maker can make aesthetic additions, provide custom manufacturing techniques, and provide installation after assisting you with seeing your concept through to completion.

Typically, a cabinet maker is in charge of the entire manufacturing process. Interior designers, modern machinery, and prefabricated household treatments have all gained popularity in recent years, but none of this lessens the need for a skilled cabinetmaker. Because we have become so picky, a skilled cabinet maker is more important than ever. They can design and build elegant cabinets; they collaborate with their clients from start to finish, transforming your ideas into beautifully crafted cabinets and other wooden goods that will be admired for many years to come.

A cabinetmaker’s work frequently incorporates exotic woods, materials, and sophisticated designs, with an emphasis on complexity and attention to detail. A high-quality cabinet maker is a highly skilled woodworker who can use a wide range of hand and powered tools and equipment. Picking and preparing raw timber, wood, or manufactured boards, as well as designing, measuring, marking, cutting, and shaping wood, are all part of their job.

Over the course of their career, cabinetmakers will spend thousands of hours glueing joints, fitting segments, clamping jobs, reinforcing joins, fitting locks, hinges, drawers, catches, repairing broken cabinets, personalising wooden furniture and shelves, developing specifications, making jigs, prototypes, templates, and fabricating separate components to complete finished goods.

Where could I learn Cabinet Making or Woodworking?

To become a Cabinet Maker, you could need to undertake an apprenticeship in cabinet making and that will typically last between three and four years. Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to simultaneously gain training and work experience. Apprenticeships typically combine classroom instruction with on-the-job training.

If you are unable to secure an apprenticeship with a tradesperson, a traineeship programme may be an option. Another option is to enrol in one of the many learning centres available to you to learn much of the information you’ll need when you’re able to land an apprenticeship.

Examples of reputable woodwork learning centres are below:


Skillshare has large amount of online woodwork classes, my search unveiled 105 results, their courses are split up into 3 levels experience (1) Beginner, (2) Intermediate & (3) Advanced. Classes are also split up into durations (1) Less than 15mins, (2) 15 to 30mins, (3) 30 to 60mins & (4) Greater than 60mins.


Udemy provides online woodwork classes, my search unveiled 40 results, their courses are split up into 4 levels experience (1) Beginner, (2) Intermediate, (3) Advanced & (4) Expert, although there was no expert level classes for Woodwork. All courses have a 30 day money back guarantee, the cheapest course I could found was $18 and the most expensive was $55.

Sydney Community College.

Sydney Community College is an independent not-for-profit company offering workshop courses at Parramatta, Redfern & Rozelle. Courses range from Beginner to very specific courses and the prices I found ranged between $150 to $450 mid 2021.

Woodcraft USA.

Classes are offered by many of the local Woodcraft Stores and cover a wide range of topics: carving, hand plane basics, woodturning / lathe basics, making pen kits, turning bowls, working with epoxies and resins, sanding and finishing/staining techniques, recycling or up-cycling furniture, veneering, making cabinets, furniture and other large projects.

The Goodlife Centre London.

The Goodlife centre London has a huge range of courses including Carpentry, Woodcarving, Woodturning & Furniture/Cabinet making. Class durations ranging from 1 day to 46 weeks, they have 2 fully equipped workshops plus a furniture making studio.

Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement.

Canadian Woodworking offers courses ranging from 1 day Certificate Workshop courses to Diploma Programs in everything from Furniture/Cabinetry, Wood Turning, Boat Building, Home Improvement to Trades Training.

Heartwood Creative Woodworking.

Heartwood Creative Woodworking offers several courses to assist you in mastering traditional woodworking skills and creating beautiful wood products.    In their well-equipped workshop, they provide pupils with quality hand tools, and they do everything they can to help you become better than you ever imagined.    The products you handcraft will teach you new levels of patience and appreciation for beauty. Furniture and industrial design, cabinet making, finishing, and restoration are among the professional abilities taught by their talented instructors.

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